Nail Technologist

Course Information

Registration Fee: R850

Total Course Fee: R950 x 11 Months = R10 450 (excluding reg)

Entry Requirements

  • 16 years old Be able to read and write

  • Be able to study independently with the help of our lecturer

Duration: 12 Months

Accreditation: CPD Group


The Nail Technologist Course offers comprehensive training in the art and science of nail care and enhancement. This course is meticulously designed to provide students with a solid foundation in nail anatomy, health, and hygiene, along with a deep understanding of various nail treatment techniques and designs.


  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Manicure and Pedicure

  • Client consultation

  • Gel & Acrylic Nails

  • Customer Service

  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management

Career Opportunities

  • Our students can become certified nail technicians, specialising in providing nail care services, including manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements, in nail salons, spas, or as freelance professionals.

What's Included:

  • Nail Kit, Study Material

  • Access to Lecturers

  • Study Groups

  • Certification

  • Mon - Thursday
    8.30am to 16:30pm
    Friday 8.30am - 16:00pm

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